Reliable Labor Service Provider Inc. is an emerging 100% Filipino-owned Manpower Service Company in the Region authorize to recruit and deploy Filipino workers with the right skills, experience, values and attitude necessary to maintain and enhance the organizational performance of its clients in the region.

With its management team equipped with an extensive background in labor and social legislation and with an array of employment-generating strategies, each client is assured of a hassle-free and reliable workforce that will produce satisfying results.


Our ultimate aim is to contribute to the development of the workforce in the Region, to the employers and to the workers.

Our am is to lead in the creation and delivery of reliable workforce and services in the Region that will enable our clients to achieve their goals with reliable results.


at Reliable Labor Service Provider Inc., we:

  • Constantly strive to offer the best service that we can.
  • Go beyond our job to find people best suited to join your company and help you achieve your goal.
  • Recognize that each company has needs that vary with its industry, so, treat each company different based on their distinct needs.
  • Enhance staffing program customize to your business.
  • Maximize the workers’ potential by reconciling their qualifications with opportunities.
  • Deliver high-end talent and results without the high-end costs.